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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Set List - Classics

There are timeless classics in all genres of music.  In rock, a music giant, classics abound, but only a few throughout the decades remain timeless.  The following are my favorite rock musicians.

The Rolling Stones.

I would be sorely remiss if the Rolling Stones did not make this list.  One of the best rock songs by this ageless band is "Rock and a Hard Place."  The beat is standard rock style.  The electric and bass guitars and drums provide fun instrumentals.  The lyrics are catchy.  Nothing really stands out.  Yet when this song was originally released, rock as a music genre was coming into its own, finding its definitive place in a long line.  Therefore, every aspect of "Rock and a Hard Place" stood out and appealed to many.  These many passed their interest down to the next generation, who passed down the same interest to the next generation, and so on.  The Rolling Stones, then, is a classic.


Rush is an acquired taste upon realized difference from vocal similarity to Supertramp.  Rush's style is incredibly unique.  Such songs as "Tom Sawyer" cannot stay in the same beat and tone.  Next to the band's edge, this inability to stay focused in a traditional sense allows Rush to stand out.  Rush, then, is a classic.

Van Halen.

Oh yes.  A must, even according to Andy Taylor (Duran Duran's former electric guitarist).  One word to sum up Van Halen in my eyes - "Eruption."  The guitarist's ability to move his fingers that fast and precisely alone makes Van Halen an instant classic in my blog books.


An American ageless band.  My all-time Aerosmith favorite is "Back In the Saddle."  The instrumental anticipation at the beginning of the song leads to classic Steven Tyler vocals that do not let down the listener.  This song likewise provides the definition of rock edge.  My mom's generation knows Aerosmith through "Dream On" and others.  Two generations of fans make Aerosmith a classic definitely.

The Eagles.

I chose this band to add to my list because like Aerosmith, The Eagles strike a chord in multiple generations.  My mom and I share an interest in one of the band's most well-known songs, "Life in  the Fastlane."  I am the ultimate prude and yet I like this song and its powerful, grown-up lyrics!  Indeed, to have this effect, The Eagles must be a classic.

This list is brief and does not touch on the many other timeless classics around the globe.  So I put my favorites to you.  Who do you  like from my selection?  Who makes it to your personal list?

You know certainly that the classics play it!

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