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Monday, May 17, 2010

Set List - House. . .

In the post, "Catchy Jingles," I described the song, "Days Go By," made a smash hit on the radio waves when released in advertising for Mitsubishi.  This song, as performed by Dirty Vegas, has a distinct nightclub beat and sound - normally a tone I personally shy away from.  House music is loud, intense, and in my opinion without originality - no lyrics, just beat.  However, as of late, I find surprise interest in myself.

During my iTunes search for the song, "Shakedown" (see the post "Rockin' Movies"), I came across an incredible number of song and album titles named Shakedown.  Overwhelmed, I reviewed all - I was not sure what to look for to begin with.  I played every Shakedown title and eventually narrowed my search down to two - the song "Shakedown" and the song "Nothing But a Heartache" on the album Shakedown.

"Nothing But a Heartache," as performed by The Freemasons, is a dance-labeled song.  Shockingly, I downloaded it. . .I like house music!  So what makes this song special and worth purchasing>?  It is fun and fast.  It has a melodic beat.  It features more than just scratching on a turntable, including a brass section.  It is not oppressively intense.  "Nothing But a Heartache" is a song with attraction, house-style with substance.

My love for  Duran Duran recently zeroed in on individual side projects created by the members.  Roger Taylor (drummer) is a professional d.j. when not performing or recording.  His style is dance, house.  I love the drums and I adore Roger Taylor, so I took a massive chance and listened to his work online, through his official Facebook page.  The first link - - provides a biography and background of his work as a d.j.  The second link - - provides an audio sample of Roger's work, called "Ready For This."  When I first visited this site, I myself thought, "No!  I'm not ready for this!"  Yet with repeated visits, I found myself in a house groove.  The words are repetitive, but the beat is powerful.  Roger has a way of bringing together random sounds into one coherent tone.  ...  The man is unbelievable in his talents as a drummer and as a career disc jockey.

So, Roger Taylor, this blog entry is for you.  Thank you for opening my eyes to a new world in music.  A once-dreaded notion of house has now become an intriguing fun house (odd play on words, sorry).  Play it, Rog!

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