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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Set List - I'm always surprised

I am often speechless by some of my iTunes selections and ultimate purchases.  These buys spark an interest far removed from my preferences - style and artist alike.

David Bowie is not a surprise in its literal sense.  However, to some Duran Duran fans, following David Bowie is a requisite to being a loyal Duranie.  So with the purchases of "Let's Dance" and "Golden Years," I have officially entered into Duranie-hood, and I cannot turn back.  Yet I love both songs, especially "Golden Years."  This song is a crack up as every time I listen, all I can imagine is a line dance moving to the funky groove.  In fact, I purchased "Let's Dance" after hearing clips on Season 10 of Dancing With the Stars!  Perhaps liking David Bowie is a surprise.

John Mayer leans on the pop culture side.  However, I must admit that his voice isn't that bad.  He guest performed with Chris Botti (trumpeter) in Boston some time back and I am lucky to have dvd footage.  John Mayer's rendition of "Glad To Be Unhappy" is sweet.  So too is "Say."  This song inspires me to write out my thoughts constantly, hoping often to intrigue others.  John Mayer is no longer a surprise.

Linkin Park is a personal surprise.  Their lyrics in such songs as "Shadow of the Day" and "What I've Done" are powerful and loud.  This style is normally one I am not interested in.  However, the lyrics tell stories, which go a long way in music.  I thoroughly appreciate these songs and the band, thereby making Linkin Park a surprise.

I discovered The Fray on a MySpace friend's list of favorite songs.  "You Found Me" is soothing and sorrowful at the same time.  It is unique and intriguing in this way.  I am attracted to the unusual mix of gentle & sorrow and simply like the song.  The Fray is a pleasant surprise.

Justin Timberlake is an incredibly crack-up surprise.  I am greatly removed in interest from my generation's boy bands.  Their songs feed purely into modern pop culture.  However, I saw Justin Timberlake perform at an awards show some years ago and discovered that he can play the piano!  Anyone can play such popular instruments as the guitar, but the piano takes distinct interest and devotion.  I was impressed.  I, then, fell for his song "What Goes Around...Comes Around."  This song is sweet and so true in its message.  Justin Timberlake is a complete surprise and one to be recognized.

As can be seen, my musical interests come with surprises.  My tastes prove to be a guessing game.  No surprise, then, that I say always play it.

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