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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Set List - On the alternative side

And then there is always alternative rock. . .

Coldplay offers sweet, story-like lyrics and accompanying tone.  Well-known songs include "Clocks" and "Speed of Sound."  My favorite is "Speed of Sound," where I take its meaning to be that life moves fast - at the speed of sound - and so much can be missed if we as humans do not stop to appreciate what good we have and can provide to the world.  Alas, however, this interpretation is just mine.

Puddle of Mudd is, to sasy the least, interesting.  Their sound is intense and loud.  Lyrics in such songs as "Blurry" (emphasis on superficial, unreal society and pained love) and "Drift & Die" (seemingly a lost life left to die) do voice societal concerns.  However, upon retrospect, while I do like engaging background sound, the greater majority of both songs - lyrics and instrumentals - is rather oppressive.  Puddle of Mudd is a selective taste in music.

Beck, as an alternative artist, is just fun to listen to.  My favorite, "Where It's At," is classified alternative if only because the sound and tone do not fit in any other rock styles.

Alternative rock takes loyal listeners.  This style is exceptionally unique and lyrics & instrumentals are incredibly well thought out.  Alternative isn't for everyone, even for die-hard rock fans such as myself.  Alternative does, however, know how to play it to the many layers of music society.

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