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Friday, May 9, 2014

Girls on Film : Who is Today's Woman?

I am 31 years old.  I suffer from adult onset acne.  I have a limited social network, so I turn to food as a friend.  I weigh a little over 200 pounds and do all I can to lose weight.  I work from home, so I do not wear formal clothing.  I prefer comfy casual outfits and have no idea what is in trend every season.  I rarely wear makeup and only spritz a favorite fragrance for special occasions.

I am not a girl on film.

I have one thought for every commercial featuring a model or model-type actress.  Do fashion, in whatever form it may be, and music, specifically rock, falsely define today's women?  On the other hand, are the women depicted in such commercials an accurate portrayal? 

Do all women need to live up to current trend fashion standards and therefore be "girls on film?"

Do all women need to look like a model, being exceptionally thin and with flawless appearance?

If the answer is yes to the latter two questions, then is society's expectations unrealistic and unfair or a subtle message to look pretty on the outside?

Why do Hollywood, fashion, and even music have a definitive say in who today's woman is?  Yet, these avenues are all women see.  These avenues believe that the women they spotlight are considered regular and average - "they're just like us!" some magazines would exclaim.  Really?

I am a fan of many actresses and reality celebrities, but should I ditch my favorite peanut butter sandwich away after one bite if I see a favorite star on television?  Should I forgo a stress relieving chocolate treat if I see a favorite star in an upcoming film?  Should I not eat anything at all if that celebrity is wearing an outfit I must buy?

I suppose the ultimate question is who is today's woman and who is properly allowed to define today's woman?

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