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Sunday, May 18, 2014

On a personal note...

I am fairly certain that a YouTube video of Duran Duran performing "Planet Earth" from London has been posted deep within the archives of Set List.  I am fairly certain that a written post about "Planet Earth" live has been posted deep within the archives of Set List.  Of course if I am wrong, enjoy the video below.

On a personal note, I achieved a milestone on this blog.  My thrill and excitement for Set List is best reflected in my post record from 2010 with well over 100 posts for the year.  In 2011, I slowed down to 40 posts for the year.  My downturn is obvious from 2012 on.  However, although this year got off to a rocky start with a few posts in March and just a couple in April, May has been my comeback.

As of May 2014, I feel the same sense of thrill and excitement traced back to 2010.  My goal for this year was to surpass the number of posts from 2011.  My milestone was achieved in this month with 42 posts as of Saturday, May 17th.

I am fairly certain this milestone occasion will go unnoticed, but for me bringing new life to Set List and rekindling my love for blogging is a passion I cannot ever put into words.

Duran Duran is my reason for creating Set List.  "Planet Earth" live is the best version to enjoy (in my opinion).  Celebrate Set List the way it once was and the milestone achieved with the one and only Duran Duran.

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