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Monday, May 25, 2015

Eminence Front

The Who - an iconic staple in classic rock music.

It's Hard
- 10th studio album
- Released in September 1982
- #11 in the UK
- #8 on the Billboard Pop Albums chart in the U.S.
- Gold certification in the U.S. in November 1982

"It's Hard should never have been released." - Roger Daltrey, 1994


"Eminence Front"
- #68 on the Billboard Hot 100

"...the only song on it (It's Hard)...worthy of being released." - Roger Daltrey


Strong criticism from the lead singer.  So why am I writing about the song?

A feature in film, sports, and television.

A commercial jingle for GMC - must continuation of Set List - Blast from the Past.

A sense of electric anticipation in the opening instrumental.  A sense of addictive edge throughout the song - listen over and over again type of addiction.

Why should I promote through Amazon?  I want to - as an avid fan of "Eminence Front" at any rate.

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