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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Giving Back

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Some time ago, I was screened as a precaution to what I felt.  The result was negative.  The possibility of cancer, however, changed my outlook on life.

My boutique motto is "Explore, shop, and just have fun."  My boutique hope is for women to feel special and proud to be unique.

The Chloe + Isabel motto is "Be Creative.  Be Confident.  Be You."  The Chloe + Isabel hope is to empower female entrepreneurs.

In this month of October, giving back will be my way of being empowered.

For every customer who spends $100 or more in this month, I will donate 10% of my October payday to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Please refer to the link above for jewels specific to the Chloe + Isabel proceeds donation.  Please refer to my boutique link for jewels overall.

LaurenAlain Boutique

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