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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Set List

I miss Set List!

I am devastated that I no longer have thoughts to share or topics to blog about.  I am saddened by not posting since last year.

I remember creating Set List way back in April 2010.  Music is a life long passion and genres of interest vary in a rather unusual way.  I mean, on rainy days in the summer I love to listen to smooth jazz or classic jazz.  I have agoraphobic tendencies, so riding in my mom's car is a huge deal.  When I do go out with her, classic rock is a must.  On a cozy, snow-filled sky, I love to wrap up in the living room with a cup of coffee and get lost in my Duran Duran : Live from London DVD or Astronaut documentary DVD.  Of course, any day is a good day to listen to Duran Duran (well yeah, in seeing as how the band inspired me to create Set List).  My emotions lend a great deal in what I want to listen to.  Positive and happy require upbeat, fast tempo, and perhaps loud.  Ironically, frustration requires the same.  Down and sad require emotionally driven lyrics or instrumentals that only feed into my sorrow.

When I began posting, I was so excited.  I initially tried making a website with professional help.  As things turned out, the company was not so much.  I knew what blog platforms were, but had no idea how to create one.  Along came Blogger.  Free hosting, free to make and customize...My answer to everything I wanted.  A rush went through me and I was instantly addicted.  I posted every day.  I wrote about favorite bands, favorite songs, opinions on anything music.  And when I discovered YouTube, I nearly fainted with a volt of thrill electrifying my mindset.  I went from prose posts to video posts.

Somewhere along the line, I went from posting daily to weekly to monthly to completely walking away because I lost my inspiration and drive.  I was no longer excited.

I own two blogs - Set List and Puppy Love.  Puppy Love came along in November 2010.  Of the two, Set List was once the most popular in terms of page views and followers (I know, 8 followers isn't a lot).

Set List is nearly four years old.  My heart will break if I permanently abandon this blog.  I want that sense of addicted excitement back.  If the written word doesn't come to mind, I would like to post videos as an alternative to keep Set List alive and kicking.  (Alive and kicking...I listen to Simple Minds when I work side note that I have a feeling no one will care about.)

In conclusion, I guess what I am trying to say is that I miss Set List and I want the excitement and thrill of blogging to come back.  Give me time, but I will make Set List the success it once was.


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