Saturday, August 24, 2013

Planet Earth live - Classic OR New

My forever love of Duran Duran's Planet Earth live.  My "notorious" love, that is.

Yet, times have changed in concert performance since Andy Taylor's departure as of the recording of the Red Carpet Massacre album.

I am left to wonder which version of Planet Earth is better - new live format without Andy or classic live format with Andy?

There is an electric boom with Andy when he hits each note on his most precious guitar.  The lighting rig moving around like a stranger observing from above as the song opens.  The seamless performance.

I feel a sense of fluff with the new live format - nearly more quantity in entertainment than quality in the actual song being performed.  The opening is classic with Nick Rhodes on the keyboards.  However, there is a long and drawn out time lapse to pump up an already excited audience.  The electric boom, in my mere opinion, is a bit weak.  I will admit that John Taylor's bass solo is a great highlight to his talent when it was overlooked in the classic live format ("Hey Nick...").  The color contrast, from black & white to color and back again, is intriguing.  There is a feeling of division between the band and the audience in the new format whereas a feeling of unity shows in the classic format.  To this I cannot explain, I just feel.  I just feel a sense of fluff - more anticipation of the song rather than the song.

Planet Earth is a thrill to hear live.  It is an exceptionally energizing song with memorable beat and lyrics.  The question, then, is new or classic?

Classic live version?

New live version?