Monday, August 3, 2015


May is a lucky month for Set List - the month of launch in 2010 and the most active when I return from an extended break.

I am always filled with excitement and post ideas in May.  Why May is the question, though.

I could reminisce about my passion for music and intrigue in the concept of blogging from so many years ago.  I could reminisce about how Set List came to be and my influences.  I could reminisce about the evolution of Set List from 2010 to present.  I could.

Of course if I could, I would be repeating myself from some point in the past I imagine.

In this post, I will reminisce about my custom music store through Amazon.  However, instead of an entire rewrite, I will reminisce by leaving a link to the post that in detail discussed my custom music store through Amazon.

Set List - Lauren's Music Store