Saturday, May 7, 2016

Set List Anniversary

Honest moment -

There is no way to recover the difference between October 25, 2015 and May 7, 2016.

I can only hope to bring viewers and passersby together in celebration of Set List's six-year anniversary.  In May 2010, I explored the world of niche blogging with one goal in mind - unite music fans worldwide.  The tone I write with every post is personal, but the message I portray with every post is global. 

I chose playit08 as my Blogger url to represent profound and impactful music that anyone would want to listen to and memories of my first concert in 2008. 

The story behind Set List is forever known.

I remember my first debut into niche blogging.  I was promoting an article I wrote for Associated Content, a source no longer in existence.  The article covered my top 10 favorite Duran Duran songs.  Although I no longer remember the exact list, the post set the tone for inspiration and drive to make Set List what it is so many years later.

I remember my excitement with my first comment and my first shared YouTube video and my curious Amazon Associates posts.

Amazon Associates!  I am no longer with Amazon for Set List - due disclosure being owed.  If you were previously interested in the products I was promoting, please leave a comment below this post with what you would want to see again.

Anyway...Happy Anniversary, Set List.  Six years so far and will only keep going.

- BloggerLauren