Sunday, December 12, 2010

In John Taylor's opinion. . .

Although I am inclined towards Nick Rhodes as my Duran Duran favorite, John Taylor's words in his posts on are so sweet and sentimental.  I am simply drawn to his prose.

In John's December 9th post, he describes the creation of Track 1 of the new album - "All You Need Is Now." 

On an emotional level, John compares this song to "Ordinary World."  It seems odd that he would match "All You Need Is Now" to a sentimental song and album I myself considered when listening to the release.  Although I did not think of "Ordinary World" in my critique, The Wedding Album greatly influenced my thoughts of "All You Need Is Now."  I can see where John's nostalgia (as he phrases) comes from.

On an upbeat, modern level, John compares this song to "Notorious."  I think I would agree on this.  Notorious is with funk and edge.  Nick's synthesizer on "All You Need Is Now" definitely has a similar punch.

John is sentimental through the lyrics - "Simon's words tell us to stay very much in the moment, and to remember when we had first said that."

I am sentimental in John Taylor's words - "The verses are. . .not easy listening, Simon's vocals distorted. . .But the chorus. . .it's like leaping off a mountain into a pool of love."  Words so true, so thoughtful, so touching to the heart.

John Taylor's opinion with impact.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My entirely biased critique of "All You Need Is Now"

The electronic sound on its own is with edge I would not necessarily match with Duran Duran.  I dare to imagine the electronic solo being a cross between Roger Taylor's d.j. style and Nick Rhodes's classic synth style.

Simon Le Bon's lyrics in the verse section are almost "in your face" intense with the electronic edge in the background.

The chorus section is addicting.  Simon's lyrics and voice and Nick's synthesizer blend beautifully in a sweetly musical way.  Roger's drums keep a funky beat.  I could not discern John Taylor's bass.  He has the best job in the world, though.  So I am sure his guitar rocked too.

If you listen closely, you can hear faint voices talking in the last few seconds of the song.  This ending reminds me greatly of a similar style used in "Sin of the City" (The Wedding Album).  I love The Wedding Album and do like "Sin of the City."

I like "All You Need Is Now."  This single in no way reminds me of Rio.  However!  I love the edge mixed with classic '80s vocals.  Duran Duran is not proving their status to a new generation - i.e. Red Carpet Massacre.  Duran Duran is simply updating their sound without losing sight of their core passion.

My entirely biased critique, then, is. . .I give an A to "All You Need Is Now" and look forward with excited anticipation to the full album.  Rock it, guys.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Early release!

DuranDuranMusic just announced the band's early release of the new single, "All You Need Is Now."  The original release was set for December 14.  Due to overwhelming demand by fans, the new release is set for December 8. . .as in tomorrow!  The single will be found on iTunes.  Yea to Duran Duran for the kind decision.

Monday, December 6, 2010

According to John Taylor. . .

I could not help but smile when I read the enthusiasm in his post.  According to John Taylor (Duran Duran). . .

He is most excited for All You Need Is Now.

The fan comparison of All You Need Is Now to Rio is okay with him..."Perhaps we should sticker it 'if you like Rio,' you'll love All You Need Is Now" (In the two-second clip I heard of the song, "All You Need Is Now," hints of the Rio album could be sensed.  John is most accurate in saying that Rio was a pretty good album.)

His thrill is child-like in innocence..."I HAVE THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD!"

I will enjoy listening as much as you enjoyed recording, John.

*See John Taylor's A Blog From JT on under Wrting.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Duran Duran Humor Archives

I do believe humor is a reflex for Duran Duran. . .
December 27, 2008 -

Simon Le Bon's favorite quotes. . .and responses -

Quote : "I've turned on the seatbelt sign 'cause we've just hit some bumpy air."
Simon : Bumpy Fucking Air???

Quote : "Enjoy"
Simon : Enjoy what?

Quote : "Party's over"
Simon : Because it's just so sad

Quote : "Have a good one"
Simon : A good what, exactly?

Quote : "Would you?"
Simon : No, would you actually?  Would you mind finishing your sentence please?

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Reflex

As I sip on my coffee, blogging, and listening to Duran Duran's remake of "The Reflex," I cannot help but comment on Roger Taylor's blog post. 

The band cancelled their South African dates in the upcoming week for reasons "out of their control."  I, as I imagine the band does as well, feel terrible for those who purchased tickets to the concerts.  Duran Duran tickets are a gem to all fans - a gem found months in advance.  So to those lucky enough to get the best seat or any seat in the house, a cancellation is devastating.  The building energy, excitement, anticipation. . .So sorry.

I suppose, though, that Duran Duran's take on hurtful news comes with a reflex bit of humor.  Case in point - Roger Taylor.  Apparently, London is in a deep freeze.  Or as he calls it, "London Snowbound Hell."  Roger further commented on the mulled wine most drink to keep warm - "Sangria in disguise."  He seems to gravitate towards the "extreme" British climate that shows signs of the changing seasons.  Welcome to my full agreement being in Chicago, where even meteorologists catch themselves in surprise with 70-degree whether in November and snow in late April.

For more of a reflex, see Roger Taylor at

(The band's blog posts are under the Writing tab on their main website.)

Puppy Love Blog

I am most excited to announce my new blog, Puppy Love -

The success of my niche music blog inspired me to create a niche blog on my unconditional love for puppies.  Puppy Love encompasses all things dog - The Daily Puppy features a new breed every day.  Every day I post a history of the breed with link (American Kennel Club or Dog Breed Info).  Further posts feature available adoptions on the day's breed (Petfinder or PAWS Chicago) and/or YouTube videos/links on the day's breed and/or Amazon product promotions.  Puppy Love Links are all about dogs as well.  

I am in love with Puppy Love.  If you love Set List, I do encourage you to explore my new niche blog.  Puppy Love needs your support.