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Sunday, December 12, 2010

In John Taylor's opinion. . .

Although I am inclined towards Nick Rhodes as my Duran Duran favorite, John Taylor's words in his posts on are so sweet and sentimental.  I am simply drawn to his prose.

In John's December 9th post, he describes the creation of Track 1 of the new album - "All You Need Is Now." 

On an emotional level, John compares this song to "Ordinary World."  It seems odd that he would match "All You Need Is Now" to a sentimental song and album I myself considered when listening to the release.  Although I did not think of "Ordinary World" in my critique, The Wedding Album greatly influenced my thoughts of "All You Need Is Now."  I can see where John's nostalgia (as he phrases) comes from.

On an upbeat, modern level, John compares this song to "Notorious."  I think I would agree on this.  Notorious is with funk and edge.  Nick's synthesizer on "All You Need Is Now" definitely has a similar punch.

John is sentimental through the lyrics - "Simon's words tell us to stay very much in the moment, and to remember when we had first said that."

I am sentimental in John Taylor's words - "The verses are. . .not easy listening, Simon's vocals distorted. . .But the chorus. . .it's like leaping off a mountain into a pool of love."  Words so true, so thoughtful, so touching to the heart.

John Taylor's opinion with impact.

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