Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Duran Duran invades Planet Earth

Duran Duran's 13th album, All You Need Is Now, has officially gone global. 

AYNIN is sale-ready in Europe, South America, North America, and, oh yeah, the Internet.  If I am accidentally leaving out any other continent, never fear.  Duran Duran's music can be found on iTunes.

Duran Duran has truly invaded Planet Earth.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Ordinary World

As I listen to "Ordinary World" by Duran Duran and reflect on the three entries I recently posted to my blog, Puppy Love, where the theme is Japanese devastation from a dog's perspective, I cannot help but wonder if our planet Earth will ever again see an ordinary world.

Devastation around the world in the form of natural disasters.  History in a heartbeat in the form of uprisings in the Middle East.  Global economies stricken to invisibility with no return. 

The uprisings in the Middle East came about with honorable intentions.  Men and women alike in these countries deserve what they demand - just democracy.  I applaud what they desire.

I cannot speak for the foreign economic state.  I can speak of the United States condition.  We have moments of hope.  And then we fall short.  Some major companies are slowly climbing up, taking open jobs with them, and therefore giving hope to those who need hope the most.  Some are slowly climbing up.  Thousands if not more are still struggling if not entirely giving up.  I have a college degree in History and a graduate degree in Paralegal Studies.  I now write short stories for hopeful publication and, as has been mentioned in the post, "Business venture," I create card designs to hopefully form a home business.  I have yet to be published.  I am still in the conceptual stage of my venture.  Financial results of both are not guaranteed.  If both fail, I have nowhere to go for a job.  I have ceased my search in the legal field.  And my last four resume submissions were sent in silence - no one replied.  I mock my love for what the governor of Wisconsin signed into state congress as an official bill - collective bargaining for state unions is out.  How stupid can he be?  One of the most powerful concepts in American history past to present is the union and all of the benefits it offers.  This man is entirely wiping away what we have stood on for centuries.  Social Security is under threat for what I think is to save national government finances in the long run.  The better majority of my grandmother's income is her social security checks every month.  What will she do if this income is cut off so the United States reduces its debt?  For all the lovers in the audience, "Come Undone" is not for you.

We as humans cannot control natural disasters of any form.  Many can give warning, but still they cannot be controlled.  Yet can we control any part of our environment?  Can we reduce summer heat that gets hotter and hotter with every year?  Can we regulate winter cold that gets more and more brutal with every year?  Can we catch up with global warming before it beats us in the race?  Is there anything we can do to save our planet?  Is there anything we can change that we ourselves are doing that is harming the world?  Anything?  Is it a reflex of ours that we are slowly destroying our own home?

Perhaps an ordinary world is a dream too far out of our reach right now.  So much is going on in so many countries - events truly leading world leaders to be lonely in their nightmares.  For all the realists in the audience, "Nobody Knows" is for you.  For all the hopefuls in the audience, keep believing in "What Happens Tomorrow."  

Monday, March 7, 2011

Business venture

I will be taking some time away from Set List to focus on a newly created card design business venture.

The business is conceptual at this point with name and designs being tentative.  I will say that my designs are themed in nature - rock music and dogs.  Each theme has several unique designs ranging from standard in look to complex in creation.  Once each theme is complete in stock and portfolio presentation, I hope to create a website for online presence as well as pitch my cards to local relevant businesses.

I am most thrilled by this business venture.  I will return to Set List when I have samples and web link to share.

I have not said this in a long while. . .always remember to play it.