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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sweet home Chicago

I may have been a fool to miss Duran Duran in Chicago last week, but the sax player for the band wrote a sweet and sentimental post on DD's website.  I could paraphrase his thoughts on playing in Chicago, but his words mean so much more.  Check out Simon W's postcard from Chicago.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Only fools come undone

And I am the fool.

I adore Duran Duran, no longer a secret.  I follow every album produced and sent out for sale.  My iTunes set is a literal laundry list.  I follow every concert date they play in the United States, wishing to be the ultimate "Duranie" and attend every concert date they play in the United States.  At times, I would love to follow the band's performances in the UK.

My first concert was in 2008 as a college graduation gift.  I had a blast while Roger Taylor's drums blasted my eardrums.  I did not want the concert or night to end.  I certainly did not get any sleep when I finally came home that night.

I admittedly have been tracking the band's performances in the United States tour for All You Need Is Now.  I read every article following every performance.  The band inches its way across the country, heading straight for Chicago.

So of course the one concert date I fail to follow is Duran Duran's performance tonight at the Chicago Theater.  I did not discover this date until earlier this week, by now I am sure no tickets available.

Who is the fool now?  I could come undone.

Duran Duran - Live From London - 2004 - Come Undone

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rest in eternal peace, Steve Jobs

Every generation in every corner of the world has left a global impact -

My grandmother's generation produced the automobile.

My mother's generation produced NASA.

My generation produced the computer.

My cousin's generation produced a technological future that can only be explained as inexplicable.

Every generation is extraordinary in what they offer to the world and how that offer lends to those following.

I am currently listening to a favorite smooth jazz artist, Greg Adams.  My only cd recorded by him is scratched and cannot be listened to anymore.  So what do I do?  I turn to iTunes.  Every song I have ever loved or discovered over time is on my iPod.  Dozens more can be found on my laptop iTunes.

My father only knows Apple.  He has an Apple desktop and swears by his MacBook.  He lives on his iPhone.

I gave my mom an iPhone for her birthday a couple of years ago (actually, I paid in part because iPhones are really expensive!).  I surprised my mom with an iPod for Christmas some years ago.  Neither Apple product was expected.  She was thrilled.

Apple has thrilled millions around the world.  Millions around the world take for granted their products.  Yet what we, as an Apple global community, must never take for granted is who stood behind its conception - Steve Jobs.

Apple products as they are ever evolving were created in some way and Steve Jobs blasted a grand slam in those creations.

I hope that generations after me will be thrilled with Apple products of today and tomorrow.

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

John Taylor goes to publishing in 2012

I follow several blogs on Set List, all music related of course.  Set List is greatly inspired by Duran Duran, so naturally I follow Duran Duran's blog through their website.  In the Reader section of my dashboard, I get every update from the blogs I follow.  One update that recently came in from Duran Duran caught my attention, not for the better.

I need only read the title of the post entry to be livid.  I did not read the post itself.  John Taylor's autobiography is set to be published in 2012.

I am so angry at this moment that I am surprised I can write coherently. 

Why is it that every celebrity on this planet who can string three sentences together can automatically go to publishing?  I work my rear off to get an agent, any agent, to at least see a sample of my work.  Months if not longer go into every project I write, not including self-editing.  Weeks if not months go by while I wait for a response, and the response is always a no!  Along comes a global celebrity, such as John Taylor, and the publishing world becomes a frenzy just to say they have John Taylor as a literary client.  What is wrong with the publishing world?!  Give real authors, desperate authors, authors who gamble away their literary lives just to be noticed, authors who pour everything out of them into what could be the next great American novel, a chance.

For the record, John Taylor's audience will be sorely limited to Duran Duran fans.  If his autobiography lands a spot on the New York Times Bestseller list, I will walk away from publishing hopes altogether.

Publishing is more than a name.  Publishing is driven by the written word.