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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rest in eternal peace, Steve Jobs

Every generation in every corner of the world has left a global impact -

My grandmother's generation produced the automobile.

My mother's generation produced NASA.

My generation produced the computer.

My cousin's generation produced a technological future that can only be explained as inexplicable.

Every generation is extraordinary in what they offer to the world and how that offer lends to those following.

I am currently listening to a favorite smooth jazz artist, Greg Adams.  My only cd recorded by him is scratched and cannot be listened to anymore.  So what do I do?  I turn to iTunes.  Every song I have ever loved or discovered over time is on my iPod.  Dozens more can be found on my laptop iTunes.

My father only knows Apple.  He has an Apple desktop and swears by his MacBook.  He lives on his iPhone.

I gave my mom an iPhone for her birthday a couple of years ago (actually, I paid in part because iPhones are really expensive!).  I surprised my mom with an iPod for Christmas some years ago.  Neither Apple product was expected.  She was thrilled.

Apple has thrilled millions around the world.  Millions around the world take for granted their products.  Yet what we, as an Apple global community, must never take for granted is who stood behind its conception - Steve Jobs.

Apple products as they are ever evolving were created in some way and Steve Jobs blasted a grand slam in those creations.

I hope that generations after me will be thrilled with Apple products of today and tomorrow.

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. 

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