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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

John Taylor goes to publishing in 2012

I follow several blogs on Set List, all music related of course.  Set List is greatly inspired by Duran Duran, so naturally I follow Duran Duran's blog through their website.  In the Reader section of my dashboard, I get every update from the blogs I follow.  One update that recently came in from Duran Duran caught my attention, not for the better.

I need only read the title of the post entry to be livid.  I did not read the post itself.  John Taylor's autobiography is set to be published in 2012.

I am so angry at this moment that I am surprised I can write coherently. 

Why is it that every celebrity on this planet who can string three sentences together can automatically go to publishing?  I work my rear off to get an agent, any agent, to at least see a sample of my work.  Months if not longer go into every project I write, not including self-editing.  Weeks if not months go by while I wait for a response, and the response is always a no!  Along comes a global celebrity, such as John Taylor, and the publishing world becomes a frenzy just to say they have John Taylor as a literary client.  What is wrong with the publishing world?!  Give real authors, desperate authors, authors who gamble away their literary lives just to be noticed, authors who pour everything out of them into what could be the next great American novel, a chance.

For the record, John Taylor's audience will be sorely limited to Duran Duran fans.  If his autobiography lands a spot on the New York Times Bestseller list, I will walk away from publishing hopes altogether.

Publishing is more than a name.  Publishing is driven by the written word.

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