Monday, June 8, 2015

Lonely In Your Nightmare

"Lonely In Your Nightmare" is a favorite song - by Duran Duran and in general - for highly personal reasons.

I am Bipolar.  I have a psychiatric seizure disorder.  I have Panic Disorder.  I have agoraphobic tendencies.  I currently take seven medications for my "invisible disabilities." 

My mental reality will always be a nightmare. 

I will never know my inheritance because no one in my family exhibits signs of mental illness.  My family, then, cannot relate.

My Panic Disorder and agoraphobic tendencies (fear of being outside) have left me with a limited social network - those I meet online through common interests.  I will never meet these few in person, so the extent of sympathy is likewise limited.

My mental reality will always leave me lonely.

So why is "Lonely In Your Nightmare" a favorite song?  The lyrics give me comfort.  If I feel alone in mind, I am never alone in music.

Duran Duran - Lonely In Your Nightmare