Monday, June 9, 2014

Speaking of the Wild Boys

In March of this year, I launched a Duran Duran fan website -

Play It Duran Duran

My site features 8 Photo Albums -
"Duran Duran" Album
"DD Album Covers" Album
"DD Greatest Hits" Album
"DD Live" Album
Simon Le Bon album
Nick Rhodes album
John Taylor album
Roger Taylor album

My site features a Video gallery -
Live concerts and Music videos...just to name a few

My site features a Forums setting -
View my website link for the categories.

My site features a Links list -
View my website link for this tab.

My site features a Blog.

Play It Duran Duran has received positive feedback from fellow "Duranies."  If you are an ultimate Duran Duran fan or hold great interest, explore what my website has to offer.  Membership is free!  As my Set List motto goes, play it!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Happy Birthday to a Wild Boy

I always feel compelled to wish a happy birthday to the wild boys that make up Duran Duran on Set List.  They are musicians and Set List is about anything music after all.

And so I wish a most special Happy Birthday to Nick Rhodes on this June 8th.

In advance, I will wish a Happy Birthday to John Taylor on June 20th.

In retrospect, I tend to overlook Roger Taylor on his special day, April 26th, perhaps because we are three days apart.  I honor him every year through the band's social media strategist, Katy Krassner.

Simon Le Bon...His voice and his stage presence define the amazing performer he is.  His tweets on Twitter define a glimpse of his true and sweetly genuine personality.  On October 27th and the eldest of the group, he will rock his birthday.

Today, however, I reserve best wishes for Nick Rhodes on his most special Happy Birthday to be filled with love, laughs, and content happiness.  He is Nick today and a wild boy after.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Set List Posts - I'm always surprised

In May 2010, my second post to Set List discussed the exceptionally eclectic interest I have in music - genres and musicians alike.  On the last day of my first month on Set List, I wrote a post discussing music I would never consider...but did.  Select musicians especially struck a chord so strong that I felt compelled to write about them.  Justin Timberlake stood out in 2010.  At the time, I saw him as more of an entertainer to screaming teen fans than an actual musician.  However, some months or so later, I saw him perform at an awards show singing and playing the piano.  I remember being incredibly impressed because the piano is not as well-versed in popularity as, for instance, the guitar.  And so came the post, "Set List - I'm always impressed."

In May of this year, I wrote "Trending on Set List," where I discussed posts ranking high in page views.

In this post, I have found a blend between surprise and trend.  The current trend in entries is "Say on Set List," which was an emotional post I felt worthy of writing and sharing.  My surprise four years later is viewer interest in more personal posts as opposed to strictly music.

Every month and every year on Set List comes with intriguing surprise reaction that keeps me going.  I will always say that Set List truly is eclectic.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Reflex Reflection

"Say on Set List" in retrospect was intense.  I am emotional by nature and writing out my thoughts is a reflex.  I do keep a journal for personal reflection and in one moment, "Say on Set List" was an entry.  Set List is not a journal.  Set List is a reflection on anything music. 

Duran Duran is a reflex to getting back on track emotionally.  On Set List, of course, Duran Duran is always a reflex.

Enjoy the live video below as I get Set List back on track.

The Reflex (live from London) - Duran Duran

Monday, June 2, 2014

Say on Set List

In life, "I gotta feeling ... because I'm happy" doesn't always last.  Music isn't always therapeutic.  In life, John Mayer's "Say" or Tears for Fears "Shout" is the best way to express emotions.  This post is what I have to say on Set List.

My life is not ideal, but my life is lucky...quite the contradiction.

I am lucky to have my mom.  I am lucky to have her unconditional love.  I am lucky to have her home as my home.  My life is lucky...

...However, my life is not ideal. 

Education was my career from kindergarten to graduate school.  In October 2009, my career ended under a strong assumption that my professional career would follow soon.  Interviews, cold calls, cold emails, creative outlets...In June 2014, I do not have a professional career and my viable worth to employers has depreciated to complete nonexistence.  I am, like countless many, unemployed with no hopeful horizon.

Is Set List my desired career?  I love to write about music and am always curious as to where various genres will take me.  I am intrigued by audience reaction to past posts.  I ask again, however, is Set List my desired career?  I wish so dearly.  In 2010, I was entirely unaware of the concept of pro blogger.  I wrote with passion only.  In 2014, I continue to write with passion, but with a twist.  I now also write to generate revenue.  Every career comes with a paycheck, online and offline.  When a career does not come with a salary or hourly rate, the career is a hobby.  Therefore, Set List is a hobby.

My life is lucky, but not ideal.

This post is what I have to say on Set List.

John Mayer - Say