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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Happy Birthday to a Wild Boy

I always feel compelled to wish a happy birthday to the wild boys that make up Duran Duran on Set List.  They are musicians and Set List is about anything music after all.

And so I wish a most special Happy Birthday to Nick Rhodes on this June 8th.

In advance, I will wish a Happy Birthday to John Taylor on June 20th.

In retrospect, I tend to overlook Roger Taylor on his special day, April 26th, perhaps because we are three days apart.  I honor him every year through the band's social media strategist, Katy Krassner.

Simon Le Bon...His voice and his stage presence define the amazing performer he is.  His tweets on Twitter define a glimpse of his true and sweetly genuine personality.  On October 27th and the eldest of the group, he will rock his birthday.

Today, however, I reserve best wishes for Nick Rhodes on his most special Happy Birthday to be filled with love, laughs, and content happiness.  He is Nick today and a wild boy after.

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