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Monday, June 9, 2014

Speaking of the Wild Boys

In March of this year, I launched a Duran Duran fan website -

Play It Duran Duran

My site features 8 Photo Albums -
"Duran Duran" Album
"DD Album Covers" Album
"DD Greatest Hits" Album
"DD Live" Album
Simon Le Bon album
Nick Rhodes album
John Taylor album
Roger Taylor album

My site features a Video gallery -
Live concerts and Music videos...just to name a few

My site features a Forums setting -
View my website link for the categories.

My site features a Links list -
View my website link for this tab.

My site features a Blog.

Play It Duran Duran has received positive feedback from fellow "Duranies."  If you are an ultimate Duran Duran fan or hold great interest, explore what my website has to offer.  Membership is free!  As my Set List motto goes, play it!

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