Thursday, January 31, 2019

On His Own - Part 3

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In this final post in the On His Own series, I am featuring Robert Palmer.

Robert Palmer is best known for The Power Station, including Andy Taylor, John Taylor, and Tony Thompson (former Chic drummer).

The Power Station's "Some Like It Hot" ranked No. 6 in the U.S.

Robert Palmer performed once with the band on Saturday Night Live, but opted out of touring to focus on his solo career...

...and that is my cue to focus on Robert Palmer alone.

I am only familiar with Robert Palmer's solo work - mainly through his Best Of album.

Of the 10 songs on the album, my most favorite song is "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On."  Another favorite is "Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley."  "Addicted to Love" and "Simply Irresistible are  of course iconic to Robert Palmer's career...

Iconic career -

Top 10 singles in the U.S. and UK
2 Grammy Awards for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance
MTV Video Music Award
2 Brit Award nominations for Best British Male Solo Artist

(Source - Wikipedia)

In honor of Robert Palmer's immense talent, if I may be so bold...


Wednesday, January 30, 2019

On His Own - Part 2

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Dear readers and passersby,

In On His Own - Part 1, I posed a question - when a globally recognized band breaks up and the lead singer is on his own, what is his chance at success equal to when the band was together. 

In this On His Own - Part 2, I have a revised question.  When a globally recognized duo breaks up, what are the chances of either or both at success equal to when they performed together?

In the case of a musical duo, I am referring to Simon & Garfunkel.  And of the two, I am referring to Paul Simon.

Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel had a rich history as musical partners dating to a very early age and lasting to 1970 when their difficult on and off relationship officially dissolved.  Although there were numerous reunions, a solidified duo was not meant to be.

As a duo, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel produced such classics as "Mrs. Robinson" and "Bridge over Troubled Waters."  In 1981, "The Concert in Central Park" drew in an audience of 500,000 - 7th largest concert attendance in history.  The duo received 10 Grammy Awards and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990.  To date, 100 million records by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel have been sold - making them one of the best selling musicians.  Bridge over Troubled Waters is listed at no. 51 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.  (Source - Wikipedia)

Okay.  When I think of Paul Simon, I think of his iconic solo album, Graceland.  (Grammy Award for Album of the Year - 1987 … National Recording Registry - 2007)  And being released in 1986, I am most familiar with "You Can Call Me Al." In conclusion, if I may be so bold...


Tuesday, January 29, 2019

On His Own - Part 1

Dear readers and passersby,

I have a question for your consideration.  When an established and globally recognized band breaks up and the lead singer is on his own, what is his chance at success equal to when the band was together?  Feel free to leave a comment to share your thoughts!

Okay, so one of the most iconic examples of a lead singer on his own is Sting.  My most favorite album by Sting himself is Brand New Day.  Although I love every song on the album, there are two that stand out the most - "A Thousand Years" and "Ghost Story."  Where The Police emphasized political messages, Brand New Day tells a more gentle and romantic story with each song. 
The concluding song on Brand New Day is "Brand New Day," which I personally find to be a profound statement to Sting's musical independence and success as defined by him alone.

Monday, January 28, 2019

All American

In the world of music, "All American" recalls Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.  Born and raised American musicians formed in Gainesville, Florida.  Examples of the band's most famous songs include -

"Learning to Fly"
"Mary Jane's Last Dance"
"Into the Great Wide Open"
"Here Comes My Girl"

...and many more when Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers formed in 1976.

In this post, though, I am traveling to the west coast for another All American band - Journey.  Born and raised American musicians formed in San Francisco, California.  Examples of the band's most famous songs include -

Don't Stop Believin'
Wheel in the Sky
Who's Crying Now

...and many more when Journey formed n 1973.


By far my most favorite Journey song discovered on Journey's Greatest Hits album.

Reception -
- Journey's best selling career disc
- 546 weeks on the Billboard 200 album chart
- 6th highest certified "greatest hits" in the U.S.
- Gold in Canada and the UK … Platinum in Ireland … 15x Platinum in the U.S.
(Source - Wikipedia)


Sunday, January 27, 2019

Set List Sunday Favorite

In this edition of Sunday Favorite, All You Need Is Now ranked well at the top of viewer reception.

In short, All You Need Is Now took a look back at the debut of the album, fan reaction, reception, and the album's namesake song, "All You Need Is Now."

Follow the link above to read more.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Set List - Blast from the Past

In this post, I thought I would take a break from album-themed posts and reminisce about a blast from the past post that has recently caught current attention.

In the launch year of Set List, I was exploring all genres of music and all sources of music.  In 2010, my genre and source intrigue came together in the most unusual of ways.

Enter Catchy Jingles.

Quote -

"Have you ever been glued to the television set in the hopes of seeing a particular commercial that plays a catchy jingle?  Have you become so addicted to that jingle that you hit the Internet and iTunes to find the name and musician?  If you answered yes to both, then you truly are a music enthusiast."

2010 examples -

"Days Go By" - Dirty Vegas
Advertisement - Mitsubishi Eclipse

"Fort Knox" - Goldfish
Advertisement - Kia Motors Soul

"How You Like Me Now?" - The Heavy
Advertisement - Kia Motors Sorento

I  have since discovered new musicians and songs via television commercials.

The Catchy Jingles post itself is from long ago, but the blast from the past reminiscing holds true today.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Paper Gods

Image result for paper gods duran duran album cover images
And then there is Paper Gods, from the album cover to the track list.
The Paper Gods album cover - "icons that represent the band's history."
Rio - Lips and Eye … Chauffeur's cap ("The Chauffeur") … Pink telephone, Champagne glass, and Saxophone ("Rio")
Sumo wrestler from the "Girls On Film" video
Teeth defining "Wild Boys"
The Eiffel Tower is in reference to the film, A View To a Kill.
The rocket reflects the greatest hits album, Decade.
Female silhouette from "Skin Trade"
Tiger and snake from Seven and the Ragged Tiger
White shoe from the "Come Undone" video
Ice cream cone from "Perfect Day"
Paper Gods Reception -
- No., 5 on UK Albums chart
- 9th Top 5
- One of a few bands to land Top 5 albums in four consecutive decades
- No. 10 in U.S. Billboard 200
- First Top 10 album since The Wedding Album

(Cover and Reception source - Wikipedia)
Of the 12 songs on the original list and the 3 bonus tracks featured on the deluxe edition, only one really stood out to me - "Pressure Off." 

And there you have it - from January 14th to today, I have shared my clear passion for Duran Duran.  Favorite songs.  Favorite albums.  Reflections of albums I may not own but nonetheless find intrigue in.  History.  Reception.  The original lineup no longer.  Dom Brown as the official guitarist listed under Duran Duran personnel. 
In three concluding words to the Duran Duran post series -
So much fun

Thursday, January 24, 2019

All You Need Is Now

Duranduran all-you-need-is-now.png
All You Need Is Now is a close to heart album for me.  I will always remember sharing a promotional banner on Set List in support of Duran Duran's newly released album in 2010.  The band's PR urged fans with blogs or websites to help spread the word in this unique way.
As you know, 2010 is a forever cherished year for so many reasons and the launch of Set List is well at the top.  As you further know, Set List may not be without Duran Duran.
And so this post is dedicated not only to the All You Need Is Now album, but also to its namesake song - "All You Need Is Now."
Brief admission - I would be remiss not to mention "Girl Panic" for its couture video featuring Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, Cindy Crawford, Helena Christensen, and Yasmin Le Bon as they portrayed Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Roger Taylor, and Dominic Brown (a listed member of the Duran Duran personnel for the album).
Reception -
- No. 11 in the UK
- 13th Top 20 album
- No. 119 on U.S. Billboard 200 (digital release - 2010)
- No. 29 on U.S. Billboard 200 (physical release - 2011)
(Source - Wikipedia)

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Duran Duran - Notorious.png
Reception -
- No. 16 on UK Albums Chart
- Gold certification in the UK
- No. 12 on U.S. Billboard 200
- Platinum certification in the U.S.
- (Gold in Spain and Platinum in Canada as well)
- No. 2 in the U.S.
- No. 7 in the UK

(Source for the Notorious album and song reception can be found on Wikipedia.)

(Refer to Wikipedia for discussion of the break up of the original line up.)
"Notorious" … A song I once again discovered in the Live from London DVD.
From the Notorious album, "Skin Trade" and "Meet El Presidente" sound familiar, but "Notorious" is the most noted and critically acclaimed in charts and by fans.

With that said, just have fun with the video below!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Seven and the Ragged TIger

Image result for seven and the ragged tiger album cover images
Facts -
- Third studio album
- First and only No. 1 album on UK Albums Chart
- Last album with the original line up until Astronaut
Simon Le Bon's description of the album title can best be found on Wikipedia.
In depth details behind Seven and the Ragged Tiger can be found on Wikipedia.
Tracks -
"The Reflex"
"New Moon on Monday"
"(I'm Looking For) Cracks in the Pavement"
"I Take the Dice"
"Of Crime and Passion"
"Union of the Snake"
"Shadows on Your Side"
"Tiger Tiger"
"The Seventh Stranger"
My take away songs -
"The Reflex"  (Discovered in the Live from London DVD)  One word summary - Upbeat

"Union of the Snake"  (Discovered in the Live from London DVD)  One word summary - Electric

"Tiger Tiger" (I cannot recall where I first heard this song, but I now have it on my iPod.)  A story unfolded through sole instrumental.  Beautiful.  Very reminiscent of the 1980s tone.  Leaves the listener wanting more at the end of the song.  Simply love is all I can say.



Monday, January 21, 2019


I imagine you are wondering why I did not include other iconic Duran Duran albums.  My response - I unfortunately do not own albums past Red Carpet Massacre and only have a memorabilia collection that was passed down to me.

In posts to come, I will certainly be remiss to not acknowledge those that have not been mentioned.

In the meantime, this post is a bridge between albums then and albums to come.

In Duran Duran's Live from London DVD, the bridge was "I Don't Want Your Love."  In this post, "I Don't Want Your Love" will act as the same.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Greatest Hits Discovery

Image result for duran duran greatest hits album cover images
Greatest Hits Compilation -
"Is There Something I Should Know?"
"The Reflex"
"A View To A Kill"
"Ordinary World"
"Save A Prayer"
"Hungry Like The Wolf"
"Girls On Film"
"Planet Earth"
"Union of the Snake"
"New Moon on Monday"
"Wild Boys"
"I Don't Want Your Love"
"All She Wants Is"
"Electric Barbarella"
"Skin Trade"
"Come Undone"
Songs I discovered through the Greatest Hits album -
"New Moon on Monday"
"All She Wants Is"
"Electric Barbarella"
Although I could focus on one of these four in this post, I have another idea - YouTube compilation of the four songs discovered on Duran Duran's Greatest Hits.




Saturday, January 19, 2019

Planet Earth

 Image result for duran duran albums
"Girls on Film"
"Planet Earth"
"Anyone Out There"
"To The Shore"
"Careless Memories"
"Night Boat"
"Sound of Thunder"
"Friends of Mine"
"Tel Aviv"
I discovered "Girls on Film" by unfortunate accident - the music video.  I greatly appreciated the live version some time later.
I discovered "Planet Earth," "Careless Memories," and "Night Boat" through Live from London - a DVD my mom got me as a gift for completing my last Fall semester as an undergraduate in 2007.
My album collection grew because of the DVD.  My collection grew to include Duran Duran.  I took great interest in "Tel Aviv" as a sole instrumental.
And then there is "Planet Earth."  Live, always.  Recorded, it's been awhile.  Music video, intrigued.
As with "Driven to Tears," the music video for "Planet Earth" shared a message.  A profound statement is made when music addresses the state of society, whether then or now.
Consider the message brought forth in the music video for "Planet Earth" -

On a lighthearted conclusion, enjoy the other version of "Planet Earth" -

Friday, January 18, 2019

Falling Down

Image result for red carpet massacre album cover image
"What Happens Tomorrow" and "Planet Earth" are by far my most discussed Duran Duran songs on Set List.  Are there others?  Yes, but these two stand out the most.
And then there is Red Carpet Massacre.  The concert in May 2008.  The volume.  The aesthetics.  Singing along.  Brief stop for lighthearted humor by Simon.  The souvenirs.  The profound experience.  Simon, Nick, John, Roger - all within feet of me.  Giddy feeling from the concert to home and even into the next day.
So what is my take away song from Red Carpet Massacre?
"Falling Down" - Specifically for the lyrics.
I will admit that I am not a fan of the music video for a slight semblance of being able to relate - fighting not to be in the hospital. 

Point of intrigue -

The video was filmed in Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles, California.  Linda Vista is one of the most haunted hospitals in America and has in fact been investigated for paranormal activity.  If ever you happen to watch Travel Channel, look for Ghost Adventures.  The Ghost Adventures crew - Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, and Nick Groff (although he has since parted ways) - investigated twice with profound evidence before Linda Vista was overhauled into condominiums.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Lonely In Your Nightmare

Image result for rio album cover image
Duran Duran had "Girls on Film" and "Planet Earth."  Rio had "Rio" and the most acclaimed music video in Duran Duran's history.
The iconic song.  The iconic album.  You would think my choice for this post would be "Rio."  Although I do love the song and video, my preferred song is "Lonely In Your Nightmare."
Where "What Happens Tomorrow" hopes for a better and more positive future, "Lonely In Your Nightmare" has personal meaning to me.
I am Bipolar.  I have Temporal Lobe Seizure Disorder.  I suffer from severe Panic Disorder.  I am agoraphobic.  Psychiatric nightmares in the most devastating way. 
I do not know anyone who has the same or similar experiences, so I do feel lonely in my nightmare.  "...let me in..." gives me musical comfort.
And so when I discovered the Rio album, I especially discovered "Lonely In Your Nightmare."

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Reach Up For the Sunrise

Image result for astronaut duran duran album cover image
I was ten years old when I first heard of Duran Duran.  My musical interests may have changed since 1993.  I came to love smooth jazz, alternative, classic rock, iconic American bands, and so many more.
I was 21 years old when Astronaut was released.  When I first heard "Reach Up For the Sunrise" and the overwhelming excitement of the original lineup reuniting, my feelings from so long ago came rushing back.  I had to hear more.  I really wanted the album - now on CD.
My grandmother asked me what I wanted for my birthday in 2005.  I was too embarrassed to say Astronaut by Duran Duran - I just didn't think she would appreciate my interest.  She laughed and said of course she would buy me a CD.  I was in shock.
On my birthday, I happily sang along to...

"Ordinary World" … The Wedding Album
"Reach Up For the  Sunrise" … Astronaut
My collection is officially growing, from albums to posters to sentimental memorabilia.
Last thought -
I will forever prefer "Ordinary World" recorded.  I will always prefer "Reach Up For the Sunrise" recorded because of Roger Taylor's drums.  If you were to listen to him perform the song live and recorded, there is a difference in tone and musical energy.  As performed live, I feel that he is playing for the audience.  As performed recorded, I feel that he is playing for the song.  Just a thought.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Ordinary World

Image result for the wedding album duran duran cover image
I discovered Duran Duran when "Ordinary World" was accidentally leaked to radio stations.  The song was a hit and forced the band to finish The Wedding Album as soon as possible. 
I loved the song so much that my mom bought a copy of the album when it was on cassette tape.  Of course, I now have the CD...and iTunes.
I have long said that I prefer "Ordinary World" recorded.  My main reason is at the end of the song with the final instrumental notes accenting Simon's final vocals.  There is a sense that Simon does not want the song to come to an end, but the instrumental says otherwise.  I want to say that the instrumental is Nick's keyboards.

And so if I had never heard "Ordinary World," would I be a Duran Duran fan?

Monday, January 14, 2019

Duran Duran...And so it begins

Duran Duran is my reason for Set List.  And so how many posts have been published with Duran Duran as the topic?  I have lost count.

As with The Police and Chris Botti, the following posts are more of a reflection of my Duran Duran collection.

Albums to expect -

Duran Duran
The Wedding Album
Red Carpet Massacre
Greatest Hits

Songs to expect -

"Planet Earth"
"Lonely In Your Nightmare"
"Ordinary World"
"Reach Up For the Sunrise"
"Falling Down"
"Electric Barbarella"

Interesting note -

The albums and songs listed above will not be in that order.  In the posts to come, you will see why.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sunday Favorite

In this edition of Sunday Favorite, Italia is not only your favorite but mine as well!

My favorite track from the Italia album is "Ava Maria."  This song keeps in mind Chris Botti's style while defining its own tone - a sense of soothing vocals.  Chris Botti's instrumental is, as always, emotionally profound.


Saturday, January 12, 2019

Mr. Wah

"Mr. Wah" is a track on the 1997 album, Midnight Without You.  I discovered the song on The Very Best of Chris Botti

"Mr. Wah" was the first song I heard by Chris Botti and what sparked my now forever interest.

Chris Botti has a distinctive sound that is emotionally driven.  His opening song in the Live from Boston concert (2008) was a dedication to Miles Davis and the iconic jazz classic "Flamingo Sketches."  The performance was musically engaging and if you close your eyes, you could imagine Miles Davis taking over the stage.  Yet, there was still a hint of Chris's style throughout the honor.

And so "Mr. Wah" is an example of Chris Botti's noteworthy take on jazz music.

Friday, January 11, 2019

To Love Again

Chris Botti on his own taps into musical beauty with every note played on his trumpet and into profound emotional senses within the listener.  His performance lingers at the end of every song, leaving the listener wanting more.  As a lifelong fan, I am always moved to tears with every album Chris Botti records because his jazz style is deeply touching.
Chris Botti's eighth studio album, To Love Again, is actually a compilation of duets.  Released in 2005, To Love Again features Chris Botti with Sting, Paula Cole, Michael Buble, Jill Scott, Paul Buchanan, Gladys Knight, Renee Olstead, Rosa Passos, and Steven Tyler.
Although I would not necessarily pair Steven Tyler as lead vocalist of Aerosmith with Chris Botti as a classic jazz trumpeter, their duet for "Smile" seems to work.
On this note,
Simply play it



Thursday, January 10, 2019


Image result for italia album cover image
September 25, 2007
Italia is a reflection of Chris Botti's Italian heritage.  Sample songs include "Ava Maria" and "Venice."
Reception -
No. 1 on Top Jazz album charts
Nominated for a Grammy Award for "Best Pop Instrumental Album"
#27 on The Billboard 200 & Top Internet Album charts

(Source - Wikipedia)

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

A Thousand Kisses Deep

Image result for a thousand kisses deep album cover image
September 13, 2003
Reception -
Top Jazz Albums - No. 4
A Thousand Kisses Deep named after the fourth song on album - "A Thousand Kisses Deep."

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Night Sessions

Image result for night sessions album cover image
October 2, 2001
"...Renting a house in the Hollywood Hills where we could work and live, with ample room for other musicians and friends, we started composing material.  We sensed freedom after dark - the phone was quieter and there were less distractions around the house as the light of the LA basin began to glow.  We recorded only after the sun had set, often until it rose the next morning.  These are the "Night Sessions."  Enjoy.  Chris Botti
CD insert

Monday, January 7, 2019

Chris Botti Collection

I discovered Chris Botti in 2003. 

I  was recently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and suffered massive bouts of depression.  I turned to anything for comfort.

Chris Botti, recorded or live, is emotionally driven.  His tone on the trumpet is distinct and strikingly similar to Miles Davis.  I was familiar with Miles Davis, so I considered Chris Botti's music.

My collection began with Night SessionsI do not remember any song from the album airing on the radio, so how I discovered Night Sessions I will never know.  I do know that I listened to the album every day as a source of soothing peace to accept the fact that I am permanently mentally ill.

My Chris Botti collection has since grown to include A Thousand Kisses Deep, Italia, To Love Again, and The Very Best of Chris Botti. 
Chris Botti - My first jazz collection.

Chris Botti - My first favorite jazz musician.

Image result for night sessions album cover images
Image result for the very best of chris botti album cover
Image result for italia album cover
Image result for to love again album cover
Image result for the very best of chris botti album cover

Sunday, January 6, 2019

And the song says the rest of it...

...This is "Rio."

Your interest in the song as posted on the last day of 2018 has led to today's Sunday Favorite on the last day of the first week of 2019.

That sounds complicated.  Let me try again.

"Rio" received the most interest and is featured on this edition of Sunday Favorite.

The Live from London video for "Rio" received the most reception, so...

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Music Pick

In today's edition of Music Pick, I am featuring two songs  - "Driven to Tears" and "What Happens Tomorrow." 

Two generations before me witnessed humanity at its weakest - the Great Depression, World War II, the Holocaust, Nazi Germany.  Two generations before me also witnessed opposite ends - an economic boom and society at its cruelest with violent treatment toward innocent black men, women, and children during the Civil Rights Movement.  Two generations before me saw history that did not entirely make it to classroom textbooks.
One generation before me witnessed pop culture at its finest - rise of iconic musicians in the 1970s and 1980s, the debut of Saturday Night Live with a profound impact I do not think anyone saw coming, a credit card boom despite a recession in the 1980s.  One generation before me witnessed tragedy in the most horrible of ways - the Challenger.  One generation before me saw their version of historic pop culture.
My generation has created a society that is evolving at intense speed - technology especially. 
I cannot speak for generations after me.
My generation, one generation before me, and somewhat two generations before me witnessed a massive blow that forever changed humanity - September 11, 2001.
Music has attempted to bring global society together by emphasizing our errors and trying to repair them together.
"Driven to Tears" emphasized a division between the wealthy and the poor, with devastating impact on the innocent.  "Driven to Tears" addressed societal flaws and, through music, hoped to make positive changes if we simply listened.
"What Happens Tomorrow" took note of pure hell instigated in one unexpected day and, through music, hoped to unite global citizens if we simply listened.
My selections for this edition of Music Pick are "Driven to Tears" and "What Happens Tomorrow."