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Monday, June 2, 2014

Say on Set List

In life, "I gotta feeling ... because I'm happy" doesn't always last.  Music isn't always therapeutic.  In life, John Mayer's "Say" or Tears for Fears "Shout" is the best way to express emotions.  This post is what I have to say on Set List.

My life is not ideal, but my life is lucky...quite the contradiction.

I am lucky to have my mom.  I am lucky to have her unconditional love.  I am lucky to have her home as my home.  My life is lucky...

...However, my life is not ideal. 

Education was my career from kindergarten to graduate school.  In October 2009, my career ended under a strong assumption that my professional career would follow soon.  Interviews, cold calls, cold emails, creative outlets...In June 2014, I do not have a professional career and my viable worth to employers has depreciated to complete nonexistence.  I am, like countless many, unemployed with no hopeful horizon.

Is Set List my desired career?  I love to write about music and am always curious as to where various genres will take me.  I am intrigued by audience reaction to past posts.  I ask again, however, is Set List my desired career?  I wish so dearly.  In 2010, I was entirely unaware of the concept of pro blogger.  I wrote with passion only.  In 2014, I continue to write with passion, but with a twist.  I now also write to generate revenue.  Every career comes with a paycheck, online and offline.  When a career does not come with a salary or hourly rate, the career is a hobby.  Therefore, Set List is a hobby.

My life is lucky, but not ideal.

This post is what I have to say on Set List.

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