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Friday, October 21, 2011

Only fools come undone

And I am the fool.

I adore Duran Duran, no longer a secret.  I follow every album produced and sent out for sale.  My iTunes set is a literal laundry list.  I follow every concert date they play in the United States, wishing to be the ultimate "Duranie" and attend every concert date they play in the United States.  At times, I would love to follow the band's performances in the UK.

My first concert was in 2008 as a college graduation gift.  I had a blast while Roger Taylor's drums blasted my eardrums.  I did not want the concert or night to end.  I certainly did not get any sleep when I finally came home that night.

I admittedly have been tracking the band's performances in the United States tour for All You Need Is Now.  I read every article following every performance.  The band inches its way across the country, heading straight for Chicago.

So of course the one concert date I fail to follow is Duran Duran's performance tonight at the Chicago Theater.  I did not discover this date until earlier this week, by now I am sure no tickets available.

Who is the fool now?  I could come undone.

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