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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Set List - 1980s Hits

I am an '80s girl.  I am an '80s music geek.  There are many to name, so let's hit the play button.

Duran Duran.

Prior posts show clear reasoning.  Future posts to come justify my thoughts.  And to be sure, my adoration and acute interest are professed in the post "Simply Duran Duran" in my blog,  ...  What can I say?  It's Duran Duran!

The Police.

An '80s classic.  Honestly, I don't know where to begin.  I own three Police albums and have yet to find a song I don't like.  "Driven to Tears" is at the top.  "Roxanne" is a must.  And then there is "Walking On the Moon."  "Message in a Bottle" is always popular.  "Don't Stand So Close to Me" is a time-honored Police classic.  As can be seen, I don't even know where to end.  I, then, love The Police.

Simple Minds.

Without The Breakfast Club, there would be no "Don't You Forget About Me."  Without my giddy love for this song, I would not own Simple Minds' Greatest Hits.  Without this cd, I would not equally like "Alive and Kicking" and "Waterfront."  Without the '80s, there would be no Simple Minds.


Under the wing of two separate and equally talented frontmen, Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins, I admit I prefer Phil Collins.  (I do like "Red Rain," though!)  "Land of Confusion" is powerful in lyrics.  "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" is just intense.  Genesis under both wings clearly made its mark on the 1980s.

Phil Collins.

As did the drums in "In the Air Tonight."  The lyrics are powerful and anxiously lead up to thee most incredible drum solo that will never be matched.  As loud as I blast my iPod when this song comes into play, I always wonder what the drums sound like live.  If Roger Taylor's drums are blaring alongside the others of Duran Duran, perhaps I don't want to know about "In the Air Tonight."


I would be in strong error if I did not include this '80s female icon.  "Vogue," of course, is at the top of a long list that simply cannot be written here.  Madonna defined female independence and unique feminism.  Madonna was an instant classic in the '80s and has remained at the top since.


A personal favorite worth mentioning.  Known for such American classics as "Don't Stop Believin' " with a powerful guitar solo near the beginning and therefore setting the tone, my preference always is "Lights."  America is indeed lucky to have this San Francisco, California-based band with  produced hits straight out of the 1980s.

Wang Chung.

A must on my list of 1980s favorites for the sole reason that they are just too much fun!  "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" defined a decade of glam and fun.  I love Wang Chung.

I love the 1980s.  I love all classics, listed here and far beyond, with strong ties to my decade.  The year 1983 was a good one.  The entire decade was a phenomenal one.  The 1980s produced musicians who truly knew - know - how to play it.

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