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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Set List - And All That Jazz

Rush, Duran Duran, and jazz. . .I said my taste in music is eclectic (and this will continue to be evident in future entries).

My father has a way of making hot, miserable summer days cool, enjoyable ones when coming home to light, background jazz filling his apartment. This is pure tranquility - constant everyday motions and routine slow to a stop with a piano keystroke, brush of the drums, gentle trumpet, pluck of a bass.

On a rainy day, with a few chocolate-covered espresso beans in hand, Miles Davis assures me that it is okay to be Kind of Blue. His trumpet and the pitter-patter rain drops place me in a state of calm, peace. I forget any pressing needs and just relax.
There is a mystery to jazz - whether you are swingin' to swing or groovin' to smooth, or catchin' a much-needed breath to the style of Miles Davis. Jazz is appealing in any way and, like all other musical genres, brings a person to wherever they want to be.
I love jazz, I need jazz, for its mystery and tranquility. So I definitely say play it!

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