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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Set List - Duran Duran Online

In the Duran Duran music world, I am merely a faceless figure - one of hundreds of thousands of supporting fans. I buy albums, concert dvds, documentary dvds, collector's memorabilia, and so on. However, in the Duran Duran online community, I am Lauren - an eager participant in the sharing of interests and experience as well as the ever-growing bond affectionately termed "Duranie."

In their earlier years, Duran Duran conquered much of the globe. In the 21st Century, DD has set up establishment on the World Wide Web.
Duran Duran has an official page on Facebook and MySpace. (Drummer, Roger Taylor, has an official page on Facebook, where he keeps fans informed of his d.j. gigs often.)
The guys post blog entries on WordPress often.
The official website,, is the place to be for all news, updates, and photos (and archives) Duran Duran. Fans can view individual writings, questions submitted to AskKaty for DD members (yes, thee men) to personally answer, timeline of past and upcoming events, and so much more.
The band's official fan website,, is the place to be for all Duranies. There is a yearly fee, but the benefits offered are priceless. Forums on any topic in relation to DD bring an outstanding number of fans together, and threads often last for pages. Contests abound and prizes of all kind make lucky winners smile with joy (and are personally announced on the site). When a tour commences, members attain status for presale tickets and VIP packages (tickets, travel accommodations). Indeed, excitement awaits with ddm.
Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Roger Taylor, and even Andy Taylor (albeit no longer with the band) have conquered this Planet Earth, the online world, and the hearts of too many to count. ... Play it, boys!

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