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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Set List - Rush

For die-hard music enthusiasts, you will know the name of this entry - the band Rush. I have three of their songs on my iTunes collection, with the ultimate being "Tom Sawyer." This song, like the band, has an edge and is unique in sound and beat.

For Disney fanatics, you will know the name of this entry - the song "Rush." This song was the theme to a recent Disney Channel movie. I am a grown adult and do admit that I liked that movie and love the song as performed by its creators, Aly and A.J. "Rush" is haunting in its fast pace and young beat that clearly attracts any age.

So what can you tell by these words? One word - eclectic. My taste in music truly is a rush of the head. I love anything 1980s, such as Tears for Fears, Talking Heads, The Police, Simple Minds. . .the list goes on. I love rock in nearly any decade - James Brown to U2 to Nickelback. My heart will always lie with Duran Duran. Yet when I need to catch my breath, The Rippingtons, Miles Davis, and Chris Botti - all jazz artists - place me in a tranquil zone. Of course, I sometimes snap out of that zone with alternative sounds, such as Puddle of Mudd or Coldplay.

Indeed my interests in music are a rush to the head. And I always surprise myself with iTunes and cd purchases. ... So, play it!


  1. Everyone needs a favorite band! Mine is Bruce Springsteen. I do like Duran Duran and have most of their music on my iPod.

  2. I've seen Rush twice in concert. Great shows! Been a fan since the first album in 1974.

  3. Music is such an integral part of life and personal tastes vary greatly from person to person. Although I am deeply partial to Duran Duran (as will be evidenced by future posts), my interests in music bounce off the wall and are truly a "rush" of the head. I easily switch from classic rock (such as Rush) to 80s rock (such as Duran Duran) to alternative to smooth jazz to house (thankfully not all the time with that last one). Many thanks for sharing your personal favorites. Keep up with the comments as I am always interested!