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Friday, May 28, 2010

Special Post : Question for viewers

My life's passion is to write - write online articles, write blogs, write stories on my Word database.  I do indeed live to write.  My hope is to gain recognition and perhaps income from my passion.

So I recently came upon the concept of electronic books - eBooks.  I have never read such an advanced concept and I do not know what goes into writing and publishing 21st century versions of "the great American novel."  I am capable of writing well.  I publish online daily with blogs and weekly with professional sources.  ...  Why not?  I will look into it.

My question to viewers, then, is in your opinion, would Set List. . . publish well as an eBook?  My passion for writing and for music is clear.  And if you do truly think an eBook based on this blog would fare well in publishing, would it sell?  Please do not hold back.  I am eager for all comments.

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