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Monday, June 21, 2010

Set List - ...And slow down

Go crazy. . .and slow down.

Boney James is a smooth jazz saxophone player.  His style is sensual with a groove.  "Boneyizm," off of the album Body Language, is slow and sexy in beat and tone.  Yet, "RPM," off of the album Ride, is relatively fast and energetic for smooth jazz.  Boney James is phenomenal in tapping into different senses.  Whereas "Boneyizm" is perfect for a rainy day, "RPM" has the zest for a live concert.

Joyce Cooling is a smooth jazz musician.  "Before Dawn," off of the album Keeping Cool, is upbeat and refreshing in tone.  I imagine coming home to this song gently cooling the air on a hot summer day.

Steve Laury is a smooth jazz guitarist.  "Shakedown," off of the album Steve Laury Vol 1, compliments the cool sound set by Joyce Cooling.  "Shakedown" is ideal to listen to on a lazy summer weekend day.  No pressing needs.  No errands.  Just home.

Greg Adams is a jazz trumpet player.  In my opinion, his style is one of mystery and intrigue with a beat.  "Burma Road," off of the album Hidden Agenda, allows the listener to escape on an imagined exotic journey far from home.  The beat is smooth.  The instrumentals provide escaped mystery.  The overall sound allows the listener to catch their breath on a hectic day.

To be sure, however, these songs and artists, just to name a few, give the listener a much-needed chance to slow down their daily pace and relax.

Smooth jazz can catch you  grooving in the moment or resting in the moment.  Either way, smooth jazz has a way of relaxing moments.  So choose your style and always play it.

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