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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Set List - Off Road Duran Duran

At the moment, I am listening to Duran Duran's lesser-preferred albums - "Fragment" & "Kiss Goodbye" from Pop Trash and "Midnight Sun" from Medazzaland.  Neither went far with critics and fans.  Classic attraction simply was not there at the time of release.  I myself, however, am just now discovering these ill-fated albums and wonder why they were written off so swiftly?  I like the instrumentals from Pop Trash and the vocals on the one from Medazzaland.

"Midnight Sun" has a sweet tone in lyrics and guitar.  The background instruments provide an almost metalic sound.  The song opens with a sorrowful instrumental and the lyrics follow through on this note.  The only fault I find in this song is that the ending is open-ended.  When I first listened, I felt a sense of incompleteness with the ending - just vocals with no support and then silence seconds to conclusion.  If I were not the Duran Duran fan that I am, this aspect of an otherwise decent song would have turned me away.  Alas, however, I admit to liking a song on a rather unpopular album.  Just give it a chance.

For the blasting drums Roger Taylor produces, the technology-astounding synthesizers Nick Rhodes adds, edgy & electrifying guitar Andy Taylor (and others) provides, deep bass beat set forth by John Taylor, and melodic vocals by "simply Simon Le Bon," their pure instrumental songs are beautiful.  "Tiger Tiger" to "Tricked Out," the instruments definitely can play.  Yet so can those on "Fragment" and "Kiss Goodbye."  In 49 seconds, a listener is lost in keyboard sound, haunting and powerful with emphasized notes every so often.  Bring the energy up and then slow to a stop.  In 41 seconds, mysterious beauty is painted in the mind of the listener through soft yet intense instrumentals.  So why, then, are these two intermission-like selections discounted?  They are just as touching.

Duran Duran is not immune from off road, not so much songs.  I just wonder why these three were included.  Apparently, there is something I should know.

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