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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Duran Duran Live from London dvd/cd package

The original line-up of simply Duran Duran is back with a fresh yet classic album - Astronaut - and is reconnecting with adoring fans in a place called home - Wembley Stadium in London.  A perfect reunion must be captured on film. . .Live from London on dvd.  Every emotion felt by all - audience and band - is experienced on this disc.  No camera angle is left out.  All classics and new hits are enjoyed.  In the Duran Duran community, all is once again right with the world.

Twenty powerful songs are played and the concert opens with a punch in the name of "Reach Up for the Sunrise."  The energy through this song extends the entire length of the concert night.  Visual effects are dazzling.  Every instrument has its share of stand out playing time.  Quiet moments in softer songs bring the audience even closer together.  All know every beat and word to every song.  Unity between audience and band is palpable.  Duran Duran is back and the world knows it.

Two special bonus features on the dvd package include a half-hour documentary on the formation, break-up, and reuniting of Duran Duran from the perspectives of the members themselves & each member commentating on two of their favorite songs performed in the London concert.

I was given this package as an early holidays gift from my family some years ago and I became addicted in less than a heartbeat.  I watched every day until  I knew the songs by heart, the camera shots by heart, the visual effect cues by heart, audience reaction by heart. . .I, quite simply, love this dvd, because I love Duran Duran and doubt if I ever could get enough.

This dvd package is unconditionally fun, energetic, loud, and fast-paced.  Nothing is left out.

This is my review.  If interested in Duran Duran Live from London, please consider the links below.

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