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Saturday, November 27, 2010

All You Need Is Now

This weekend got off to a great start - I saw Duran Duran on NBC's Today.  The reporter that interviewed Simon, Nick, and Roger reflected with them on their past and brought them back to present with a hint of their newest album.  And with a hint of the song in the album's name, "All You Need Is Now."

Duran Duran in announcements spoke of this album reaching back to their roots, where they began, with Rio.  The two-second clip I was able to hear of the song, "All You Need Is Now," is sweet and most definitely reminiscent of the band's early beginnings. 

I know nothing about the album or the songs.  I must with all other fans wait for the bonus release of the digital format of the album on iTunes in December and the full release of the album in February.  Yet, if the two-second clip is indicative of the full album. . .I am in love more so with Duran Duran.  They are back in their element.

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