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Saturday, April 16, 2011

One year anniversary on Set List

Set List has reached an incredible milestone in this month of April 2011 - one year since the blog's creation.

I created Set List for a variety of personal reasons.  I am passionate about music of many genres and wanted to share my love in a concept new to me - blogging.  I wanted to design a music-themed website with a central focus on writing.  I did want to earn money while writing about my passion.  I wanted to intrigue other music lovers with my thoughts and opinions.  I wanted to connect.

Set List has come a long way since these initial reasons.  I have brought in well over 1800 page impressions that grow every day.

I created Set List with one inspiration in mind - Duran Duran.  Duran Duran is a powerful driving force in all creativity I produce.  Without my long-time love and peaked interest in DD, I would not have thought at all about creating a blog about music.  I would not be venturing into the world of card design where one of many themes is music - a theme I hope to pitch to the band's merchandise department.  I would not have created a fan page in honor of Duran Duran -  This site is a personal achievement.

Duran Duran remains forever a hot topic on Set List.  Every time I mention the band's name in a post, my page impressions skyrocket.  So why would I want to quit now?

Although I do not post as frequently on Set List as I once did, my exceptional adoration for this blog will never cease.

And so to quote an inspirational song title, Reach Up For the Sunrise because you never know What Happens Tomorrow. . .Play it, Set List!

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