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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DD Universe in Second Life

I have never visited Second Life.  I now know of DD Universe on Second Life.

I recently read Katy Krassner's blog on and she was more than thrilled in her description of the unique world created for the online world.  Her words and opinions were rich and inviting for those reading to visit too.

I have always thought kindly of Katy Krassner and I will always be in love with Duran Duran, but their universe on this earth is enough for me.  A DD Universe in cyberspace is overwhelming.

I realize of course that I should create a free account with Second Life.  But why?  What does Second Life and DD Universe have to offer?  Is the virtual world better than the one I am living in now?  Is virtual reality more sound than present reality?

I am not convinced.  If one Duran Duran fan can prove me otherwise, I will join DD Universe on Second Life.

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