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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let's dance under the stars

Damn and blast as Geoffrey Palmer would say in the British television series, "As Time Goes By." 

David Bowie performed "Let's Dance" live when the song came out in the early 1980s.  I found an amazing concert performance on YouTube and was most excited to share the video here on Set List.  But damn and blast, the share button wouldn't let me publish it. 

David Bowie, as has been discovered, puts on a truly glamorous and rockin' show.  "Let's Dance" is a great song with seemingly sentimental lyrics masked by a rock groove.

But I wonder if the stars put on an even better show. . .

Congratulations to the top three finalists on Dancing with the Stars. 

I personally cheered for Ricki Lake.  Alas, she came in third.  Still in the top three.  An honored position.

I found surprise in how far Rob Kardashian came in the season.  Alas, he came in second.  Still in the top three.  An honored position.

Hoorah for the Mirror Ball Trophy winner, J.R. Martinez!

These three knew how to dance!

Play it David Bowie as all contestants in this season dance under the stars.

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