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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Life's Troubles

Life can be amazing, enjoyable, and nearly perfect.  Life can, on the other hand, be flat out (censor).

Every person on Earth faces troublesome blows, whether severe or minor.  For me, in a pure blunt tone, life is a nightmare.  I keep my issues as far back in my mind as possible, but at times those hellish issues spring forward in a rather mean way.

My personal issues are a nightmare because they are persistent and nag at me until my overworked brain can figure out an impossibly found solution.  My luck at the moment is not so much.

"Lonely In Your Nightmare" is somehow a soothing reassurance that to all those facing life's troubles in any form, they are not alone.  We must have support somewhere and/or from someone.

Sorry for being a downer today.  Perhaps the overcast sky and spring weather yet to show itself.

Anyway, "Lonely In Your Nightmare" is still a Duran Duran song and to anyone who knows me well, even perhaps readers of Set List, I take great relief and momentary happiness from my most favorite band.

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