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Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Hard Rock Classic for Hard Rock Consumers

The ultimate refresher for hard rock athletes is Gatorade.  In a recent television advertisement for Gatorade, I recognized "Welcome To the Jungle" as an intense backdrop for the intense action posed in the advert.

I will never be a hard rock athlete, but Gatorade is actually pretty good.  I like select Hard Rock classic bands and songs, but I am officially "throwing in the towel" with Guns 'N Roses.  I will go as far as the commercial backdrop only.  This is a shame because the instrumental break was rather intriguing and lower in tone for such daring lyrics.  For this reason, I would have tolerated the song, but when the vocals came through the instrumental, I felt let down.

At any rate, I can admittedly see why Guns 'N Roses would sponsor Gatorade.

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