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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Blues Classics

I am not well-versed in the Blues genre of music, but I am not ignorant either.

If my guess is correct, B. B. King is the definition of Blues.  His biography on Wikipedia honorably declares: Grammy Award for Best Traditional Blues Album, Grammy Hall of Fame Award, and Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.  I am now thinking my guess is correct.

If my second notion is correct, Stevie Ray Vaughan is a Blues classic.  His biography on Wikipedia honorably states that he was a highly influential electric guitarist in Blues music.  He passed away at an age too young for a talented gift he could have shared for a lifetime.

If my third idea is correct, Kenny Wayne Shepherd is my generation's rock version of Blues classics.  In his biography on Wikipedia, Kenny Wayne Shepherd is a self-taught guitarist inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughan, whom he met at a concert when he was only 11 years old.

Every guitarist has their own unique sound.  However, in the Blues genre, the electrified sound blends into music that catches nearly every listener.  Blues and Country music are limited in interest due to the overwhelming success of rock and pop music.  Yet after listening to "Pride and Joy," I feel - in my opinion - that Blues is not given the overall credit that is due.  The lyrics are catchy, but the instrumental is phenomenal.

I have a question to consider - Who defines the electric guitar as we know it?  Am I biased to say Andy Taylor, formerly of Duran Duran?  Kenny Wayne Shepherd, who is only 6 years older than me?  An admission to Stevie Ray Vaughan?  Anyone I am leaving out?  How long would the list be to name every electric guitarist that has left an imprint on so many genres of music?

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