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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

On the other hand : Smooth Jazz Classics

Rock Classics : The Police, U2...the list goes on

Hard Rock Classics : Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses, AC DC...the list goes on

Smooth Jazz Classics...What?  I imagine your jaw dropping to the floor.  Set List is inspired by Duran Duran, but I do cover many genres of personal interest and of honorable mention.  I bring forth multiple forms of music so as not to get stuck in a record loop. 

Anyway, the artists you see below are a brief reflection of smooth jazz classics on a list as long, if not longer, as rock.

Little known facts about smooth jazz -

- This genre stems from jazz fusion with elements of jazz, R&B, funk, rock, and pop.

- Smooth jazz was once presented in radio format. 

- Smooth jazz currently thrives on non-commercial radio and Internet stations. 

- Concerts and record sales keep smooth jazz a favorite as a genre.


My take on the select musicians presented below -

Chris Botti is a trumpet performer.  His sound is distinct and emotionally driven.  His songs tell a musical story that, like a novel, cannot be put down.  I highly recommend Italia and Live in Boston.  His talent is inspiring.

Boney James is a saxophone performer.  His sound is distinct and sensually driven.  I recommend Body Language and Ride to hear tones of jazz and funk.  One of my most favorite songs is from Ride and is called "RPM."  This selection remains within the confines of smooth jazz as a genre, but experiments with upbeat sounds I, personally, only hear with The Rippingtons - another smooth jazz musical band.

Rick Braun is a trumpet performer.  I only know the song "Night Walk" from the album with the same name.  I love this song for its sense of romantic emotion and lull of relaxation.  "Night Walk" is truly a song best meant to end a long day.

My take on the artists above are merely personal opinions.

This post, along with the videos below, reflects a genre of music that on the surface goes without due representation.  Smooth jazz is a viable avenue with as many styles as rock and so many other genres.  I suppose I could say "listen before judging."  You would be surprised at what smooth jazz has to offer.

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