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Friday, May 16, 2014

Smooth Jazz Friday

Greg Adams is an icon in smooth jazz.  His style is as unique as the genre itself.

Smooth jazz is, in my opinion, a melting pot of sounds.  Some artists, such as The Rippingtons, add a fast pace, rock style beat with jazz instrumentals.  Some artists, such as Chris Botti and select songs by Rick Braun, bring a strong emotional element.  Kenny G is a name that needs no description.  I own a CD called Smooth Jazz for a Rainy Day.  This album is absolutely perfect for obvious reasons, but defines the traditional meaning of smooth jazz.

Rock music has subgenres that are easy to recognize and explain.  Heavy metal is all on its own.  Dance and House music are not a top preference for me, but the sound alone needs no definition.  Swing and Classic jazz tell the story of America in history making times.  The United States then was truly united.  I am not altogether sure the United States will reflect itself that way again.

Smooth jazz is hard to define because the varying sounds appeal to varying interests. 

The "Burma Road" post is far from the "Stevie Ray Vaughan" post and likewise from the "Was" post.  Set List is inspired by Duran Duran and so, therefore, "Burma Road" is in no way related to DD song posts.

On gray days or much needed weekend breaks, consider smooth jazz as a relaxation mood.

Set List, like smooth jazz, is a melting pot of sounds.

Happy Friday,
Set List Blogger Lauren

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