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Monday, May 18, 2015

Set List - Blast from the Past

A blast from the past moment on Set List -

In 2011, I found intrigue in the impact commercial jingles have on music beyond advertisements.

My first post (July 2011) was "Power" by The Temptations as a backdrop to advertising Blackberry's Playbook.

Temptations - Power

My second post (March 2014) was "Fort Knox" by Goldfish as a backdrop to advertising the Kia Soul.  At this point, my love for any other musician/band took a back seat to this newly amazing and powerfully upbeat song that easily surpassed life long favorites.

Kia soul hamster song full:  Goldfish:  Fort Knox

My third post (April 2014) was "Happy" by Pharrell Williams as a backdrop to advertising the Fiat.  A feel good song if for the title alone.

Pharrell Williams - Happy (official lyrics)

And then the present day comes along - May 2015.  "Uptown Funk" is the backdrop to advertising Propel Fitness Water with electrolytes.  Words cannot describe how much I love this song - more than those above ("Fort Knox" is an exception).  The beat for me defines the song and is, if possible, addictive.

A commercial jingle blast from the past.

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