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Friday, October 16, 2015

A New Duran Duran Era

I love Duran Duran.  My ultimate favorite albums are The Wedding Album (point of discovery) and Astronaut (point of permanent passion).  My first concert experience was Duran Duran's Red Carpet Massacre tour.  I will forever cherish those memories.

Yet, as of Andy Taylor's departure and influx of guest musicians, I feel a sense of quantity of entertainment over quality of entertainment.  The stage still shimmers with every performance, but I cannot help but notice conformity.

For example, during the Red Carpet Massacre tour, the band wore the same outfits.  In group photos, there is a clothing theme if not exactly the same - such as leather with Paper Gods.

If I were to narrow down my thoughts to finite detail, the way Simon, Nick, John, and Roger pose seem abstract rather than casual.

I do have heartbreak with the additional performers on stage - outside of the band and guest musicians, I doubt I will ever understand their contribution.

I posted "Pressure Off" because the song is my only favorite from the newest album in the Duran Duran collection.

Duran Duran has long proved to not be a one-off band.  The members are extraordinarily talented and worthy of life long fame.  However, every decade has brought new generations of fans that follow the previous.  I suppose I could just be stuck in the past, but in the new Duran Duran era, I am bowing out.

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