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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Duran Duran Astronaut dvd review

When the original Duran Duran five came together for the production of Astronaut, a film crew met up with them to tape a behind-the-scenes documentary about their reunion tour.  I, as a viewer, am addicted.

All five members are just being themselves - goofy, hyper, energized, serious, boys being boys. . .true personalities simply playing themselves out.

When Duran Duran is on stage at a concert, their business faces are on.  Although having fun, their job is to please the audience with classics and new hits.

However, when their concert time cards punch out, an entirely different side of the original five is shown.

The Astronaut dvd reflects boyish lightheartedness that is refreshing, enjoyable, and cracks anyone up.  The background album music is exceptionally fast-paced and draws in the viewer within less than a heartbeat.

John Taylor locks himself in a room and is singing, off beat, to a Duran Duran song that is going to be performed just minutes away.  Everyone is concerned because he does not know that the concert is set to begin any second.  He is so involved in that song that even Roger Taylor cannot help but laugh and comment, "Has he lost the plot?"

Simon Le Bon breaks out in a 70s disco routine while John provides a simple drum beat. . .all while waiting to be called to stage.

Andy Taylor checks Simon's pitch by hitting his own notes to "Reach Up for the Sunrise."  (He did pretty well.)

Nick Rhodes discusses in a rather intriguing way his stage relationship with Roger - the drums and keyboard face each other, so both men catch several nonverbal moments.  I believe Nick said that at times Roger would deliberately miss a beat - while performing live - to see if Nick was paying attention.  I found this thought to be quite clever and unique.  As someone in the audience, I never would have guessed that or sensed it.

All members would catch a breath after a concert to run through their most successful songs and changes that would need to be made to another night's set list.  No arguments, but clearly every member had different opinions.

Then there is the roaring screaming from the audience desperately wanting their night to get started and the guys are waiting for their cue back stage as cool as fall air, with no trace of nervousness or anxiety in them - "no big deal" attitude.

No big deal attitude being ironic because this dvd documentary was filmed while Duran Duran was back, after many years, in London where their career began.  A portion of the documentary took the guys back home, home they left to launch a career in music that was not guaranteed.  Memories flooded back and the pace of the documentary slowed a bit.  Yet, seeing each member with their families once more was quite touching to see.

And then the energy is back.  The dvd ends with the music video for "Reach Up for the Sunrise."

There is so much more to the Astronaut dvd/cd package.  I have an exciting blast every time I watch.  Therefore. . .

This is my review.  If interested in the Astronaut dvd/cd package, please consider the link below.

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