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Saturday, June 5, 2010

In all seriousness. . .My Confession

I recently posted an icon link to the online publishing site,  I did publish an eBook based on the Set List blog and initially promoted it here and elsewhere.  However, irreparable technical errors made download after purchase next to impossible.  So I apologize greatly for any confusion if viewers wanted to look into a link that no longer exists.  Note, though, that I am still in the process of publishing my book with more reputable companies and that I will keep viewers updated throughout.

With that said, I have a personal confession to admit.

The most memorable moment in my academic career came on October 5, 2009.  On this day, I took my last test for my last class in graduate studies, college, and school overall.  I was done!  School, homework, exams, lectures...everything was over.  I could finally start my life. . .

. . .My life began with enthusiasm.  I hit the online pavement every day, looking for all Family Law and Medical Malpractice firms in Chicago that were hiring.  I was a paralegal and had knowledge and support to share. . .

. . .I did in fact come into contact with dozens of law firms, who gladly accepted my resume and a few arranged interviews.  Time had gone by at this point.  Most of my "cold calls" came in December.  Interviews were scheduled after the first of the year. . .

. . .It's okay, I kept telling myself.  At least I'm being kept on file.  Employers think my credentials are impressive.  Four employment agencies are backing me.  Things will work out.  Just be patient. . .

. . .I have been unemployed 8 months.  Law firms aren't hiring.  Retain isn't hiring.  No one is hiring.  I have run out of patience.

I need an income now.  My job search is trying my emotions.  My blogs are getting me nowhere financially.  I need monetary support in the most desperate of ways.

Please - If you like my blog, design & content, visit often and tell others.  If you are intrigued by any of the ads, click on them.  I earn money on this site by views, clicks, and percentage of Amazon promotion profit.

I am very lonely with every rejection and non-response.  Blogging is my only hope.  Please don't give up on me.  Please support me.

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  1. Hang in there, Lauren. My wife just lost her job (at a school) so we know what it is like to be faceing unemployment.

    Again, submit your blog to You will have to put their link on your page. Once it is verified, you should get listed there, and start to gain readers by adding friends and maybe hits for your ads.