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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Income rally update

Okay, here is a quick update on my ongoing income rally -

I need 49 views to get to 1,000 (and 500 per month thereafter).

I am at 8 ad clicks.

My total earnings thus far are at $5.68.

I remain at 1 donation (request $25 per donation).

Just so you know, I am now published.  My book, My Music with 3secondstoolong, is now on sale through eStore (sponsored by the online publishing company, CreateSpace - see link below) & will be available on soon.  My book is based on this music blog.  So if you enjoy playit08, I highly recommend purchasing the book ($25 per sell).

Please continue in the progress of this income rally.  I need your support.  My little ones, Mr. Deville (puppy) & Jude (kitten), need your support.  (On a personal note, Mr. Deville may have been adopted, which is great for him but sad for me as the hopeful one.)

Thank you again.

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