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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Set List - For sentimental reasons

Nobody knows how Fragile one human being can so innocently be.  My confession, to support my cause, if this helps only shows truly how sorrowfully fragile I myself am.  And so on this note, I am inclined towards sentimental reasons.

"Nobody Knows," with beautifully sung lyrics by Simon Le Bon and gentle background tones of the drums, bass, piano, and guitar eloquently produced by Nick Wood, plays at the heart strings in such a sorrowful way.  The mood set by "Nobody Knows" is exceptionally reminiscent of classic trumpet player, Chris Botti, on his album, Night Sessions.  I tend towards depression.  When I am under incredible stress physically, mentally, and emotionally, Night Sessions feeds into my induced depression and all I can do is cry.  Simon Le Bon spoke well of this same feeling through "Nobody Knows." 

"The song is about depression and how it can creep-up on people.  The illness closes down people's minds and nobody knows how long it will last for."

"Nobody Knows" and Night Sessions relieve my suffering through tears, yet still remind me of why I am in such pain.  I am not entirely familiar with Nick Wood, but Simon Le Bon is a textbook genius in music to bring me up high on such a song as "Planet Earth" (live) and knock me down low on "Nobody Knows."

"Fragile" opens with an uncertain and hesitant guitar solo that eventually picks up pace only to introduce sorrowful lyrics by Sting.  "Fragile" is not one of hope and inspiration.  Indeed, this song is a story of pure innocence and fragility that can be shattered in a heartbeat.

"creeping slowly like a bad connection
closing up the shutters on perception
. . .alone in the dark
. . .nobody knows"

"on and on, the rain will fall,
like tears from a star
on and on, the rain will say
how fragile we are"

These words bring sadness to life.  These words, these meanings realize my sentimental pain and anyone's personal suffering.  We don't have to go it alone.  If you are willing to be here for me, I will always be willing to be here for you.  Play it out, talk it out.  Remember that Simon Le Bon only wants people to feel good when listening to music.

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