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Friday, October 29, 2010


Contemporary musicians have found a place in my collection, alongside rock & jazz giants and decades past must-haves.

Depeche Mode is first on my contemporaries list.  Known early on for hits such as "Enjoy the Silence" and "Policy of Truth" (both Violator), Depeche Mode has yet to stray from their trademark electronic sound and tone.  Their recently released song, "Precious," reflects this trademark - deep vocals, defined use of the synthesizer, dark yet  hopeful lyrics.  Depeche Mode is one to be noticed.  And their 1990 album, Violator, helped get them noticed when it landed #7 in the Top 10 of Billboard 200 ( ).  Depeche Mode simply rocks.

Seal is an incredible singer and recording artist.  His lyrics are powerful, and at the right moment in such songs as "Bring It On" (Seal 1994) and "Crazy" (Seal: Best 1991-2004) a hit of musical intensity punches the listener, who will want more.

3 Doors Down is a surprise contemporary favorite.  Sorrowful lyrics in such songs as "When I'm Gone" (Away From the Sun) and "It's Not My Time," under the guise of rock sound and beat, provide interest and attraction.  The mix is unique and can only be pulled off in the contemporary era of music.  The band's name is likewise clever and one to be caught by a listener's eyes and ears.  As the story goes, when the three original members began performing at the start of their career, they were in need of a name.  During a trip to one city in Alabama, the three noticed a building with falling letters reading "Doors Down."  There were the three initial members.  So we have "3 Doors Down."  Indeed, clever and successful - highly top-rated songs, multi-platinum albums, self-titles at #1 on Billboard 200 (

3 Doors Down is one to catch a listener's attention.

Nickelback is the ultimate in sensitive and tough lyrics & sound.  Nickelback can be thoughtful and lyrically inspiring in such a song as "If Everyone Cared" (All the Right Reasons).  Nickelback can be elitist in such a song as "Rockstar" (All the Right Reasons).  Nickelback can be tough and intimidating in such a song as "Burn It to the Ground" (Dark Horse).  These back-and-forth emotions pulled off with ease make Nickelback a contemporary favorite.

Rock in any style has appeal to all listeners in this genre giant.  And this genre giant only gets better with time, past and present.

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