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Monday, October 11, 2010

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A befitting article for a music blog. . .

Music is for everyone
By Lauren Hovis

Music has a history that dates back for centuries.  This history has consumed in some way every life that has appeared throughout.  Over the course of time, lives have been affected by music - through natural talent, through study, through critique, and through acute interest just by listening.  Every generation experiences its own style of music, that is passed on and evolves with time.  As I currently listen to my selection of iTunes, I reflect on personal interests in music and the interests that vary greatly within my own family.

My paternal grandmother (Grammy) is 85 years old.  She has witnessed American and global history.  She has defined opinions on every subject offered.  So, quite naturally, she has defined taste in music.  Grammy loves Hawaiian music.  We have family in Kauai, who she visits yearly.  When my father and aunt were little, they spent the better part of their childhood in Hawaii.  Grammy, therefore, became greatly aware of the Pacific style and has been exposed to this style for years.  She has many favorite Hawaiian artists, one of which I happen to like as well - HAPA.  This group is made up of two men, guitarist and singer.  Surely enough, every time I play the cd, I am taken on an escape to tropical paradise.  Living in Illinois, the cost of travel is difficult.  However, through HAPA and Grammy's acute interest, I am in my mind on the white sandy beaches often.  Grammy's defined taste is unique as Hawaiian music is so specific and regional.  Yet, at age 85, she loves music.  Music is for her.

My maternal grandmother (Grandma) is 81 years old.  She too has witnessed American and global history.  She too has defined opinions on every subject offered.  So, therefore, she has defined taste in music.  Grandma is far from Grammy.  Grandma loves classical music.  She adores the male singing group, El Divo.  Most often when I visit her, they are playing in the background beautifully.  She recently came into the discovery of jazz trumpeter, Chris Botti.  However, Grandma has always adored Simon & Garfunkel.  Surprisingly, her interests have sparked intrigue in me, especially where regarding Chris Botti and Paul Simon.  Grandma's defined taste is somewhat unique as classical music (which she prefers the most) is not widely popular in American society, especially among the younger generations.  Yet, at age 81, she loves music.  Music is for her.

My father is 54 years old.  He follows a long line of music lovers.  His taste, however, is in jazz.  Dad will never budge from smooth jazz and classic jazz.  As I listen to the smooth jazz band, The Rippingtons, I am reminded of his sincere interest and exposure to all varieties of jazz.  At age 54, he loves music.  Music is for him.

My mother is 47 years old.  She too follows a long line of music lovers.  Her taste is a far cry from Grammy, Grandma, and Dad.  Mom lives for music, especially classic and modern rock.  Her interests within this genre are off the board, however - from The Grateful Dead to Nickelback to anywhere in between.  I live with my mom.  Weekends and car trips are sure to be loud with pumping music.  At age 47, she loves music.  Music is for her.

My cousin, Paula, is 19 years old.  She loves various artists in modern rock.  Paula lives for music literally.  She is an accomplished drummer and attends live concerts at least one to two times a year.  We visit each other often and always find room for music as a topic of interest.  At age 19, she loves music.  Music is for her.

My cousin, Michaela, is 17 years old.  She loves rap music.  Michaela's interest is unique to her and is a far cry from everyone in the family.  When we talk over the phone, rap is often playing in the background.  At age 17, she loves music.  Music is for her.

I am 27 years old.  I descend from a long lineage of music enthusiasts.  My interests cannot be described as they extend into so many different branches.  I love jazz the way my father does.  I adore Miles Davis, Chris Botti, The Rippingtons, and a host of smooth jazz artists too many to be named here.  I love rock the way my mother does.  I adore Duran Duran, anything 1980s, and pure classic rock from the 1970s on.  My parents' interests inspire my taste in many ways.  My interests have as of late taken me beyond just listening.  I created a personal blog whose posts are solely on my interests in music, all genres, all, musicians, and personal experiences.  As my musical motto goes, my interest in music is a rush to the head - so many musicians, so many genres.

Music has a history that reflects on everyone.  At some point, every person around the globe has found a beat, a style, a lyric.  Music is found everywhere and discovered surely enough.  For these reasons, music is for everyone.

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